HKU student, New Chapter Records label owner, drummer.


So, first you need an introductory story.

2 years ago, It was my birthday, in april. My birthday party was in july I think. Last year, I didn’t throw a party at all. ( and to be honest, the other sucked too). I hadn’t any good parties ever, while other people lavishly celebrated their 16th birthday, I did absolutely nothing.

So this year I have some big plans. Me and The Peter are setting up a live music evening, in honour of both out birthdays. We can’t announce any bands the bill yet, except The Shortest Straw, which won’t come as a surprise to most of you. Does anyone have any ideas for cool names for the party?

What we can tell you is that the evening itself will be awesome, and we hope everyone’s gonna go totally wild. If it is a success we might repeat it.



So I’m in this band, The Shortest Straw, and I am pretty much the manager. It just happened, and things go well. Except communications.

If I want to play a show somewhere, and I do not get an answer within 10(!) days, then wtf is going on. If you don’t want us, just tell us. If there is a different problem, tell us. But don’t send anything back at all, because it will just piss me off. How can I plan ahead if you won’t reply?

As you may have noticed, I am trying to set up a show. But not a normal show, but a Birthday Bash for me and my homie¬†, also known as The Peter. It’s gonna be awesome, IF everyone cooperates.¬†

Damn you world, DAMN YOU!